Our Process – Transparent, Flexible and Cost-Efficient

OGR Properties is a locally focused company. We live on the Northside and only serve the neighborhoods of the Northside.  We are different than most contractors in that the backbone of our company is our rental business and our remodeling/construction service is a supplement to that business.  

Because of that, and because we’re local, we rarely ever “bid” jobs out.  Bidding is a difficult process that often leaves the customer paying too much and/or puts the contractor into a bind to have to rush through projects in order to make any money.  Bidding also takes time and often results in delays by weeks or months. 

We specialize in smaller jobs where customers find it difficult to get contractors to come look at and/or give them reasonable estimates for. The OGR process usually results in significant cost savings for the customer and a fully transparent process with options to ensure full customer satisfaction.

That said, we can often provide a fairly accurate range into which the project costs will fall.  We like to break larger projects into phases, and after each phase discuss the next part and make sure everyone is on the same page and satisfied.